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Today is the last day of our Indiegogo fund raising campaign and your last chance to sign up for such perks as a autographed books, custom made floggers, year long paid memberships and more. Check it out and see our video:

Come check out the:
ForbiddenFiction.com Launch Campaign

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October 12, 1998

Listen to the mustn'ts, child.
Listen to the don'ts.
Listen to the shouldn'ts,
The impossibles, the won'ts.
Listen to the never haves,
Then listen close to me ...
Anything can happen, child.
Anything can be.

~ Shel Silverstein

Twelve years ago, Matthew Shepard was murdered for being homosexual.

What will you do to end the silence?

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I am working on development for a new original erotic fiction site: Forbbiden Fiction

It will feature the work of a variety of authors, myself included. We are looking for erotic photography and art for the site. If you know of any photographers and/or artists who would like to see their work promoted and are willing to contribute their work to the site in exchange for that, please send them our way.

Have them send samples of their work and/or links to their webpages to: forbiddenfictionpub@gmail.com
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These are samples of work by artist MirAngel, who has volutneered to donate the money for painting or drawing commissions toward the fundraiser for buying our house.

See her profile on DeviantArt: http://mirangel.deviantart.com/

Down the page is information about commissions. Click on her Gallery to see the range of art she can do.

She does both original and fan art. Just talk to her about what you want and let her know that it's to benefit "The Rabbits" as my family is nicknamed.

Meanthile, thanks to everyone who has ordered books and sent donations. We're working hard to pull this together. It would be wonderful to not be uprooted again and finally have our own place.
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For those who have bought the story about it being a mistake, a glitch or a hacker causing problems in the Amazon search engines, I suggest you read this: Amazon's Glitch Myth Debunked

My non-fiction titles appear to have their rankings back but are still missing all the reviews left.

I am not just concerned over non-fiction books that have been "accidentally" labelled as "adult." I believe strongly that no censorship should be allowed. The deranking of adult selections is censorship. I have no trouble with them being marked as "adult," but being removed from the fair selection, review, and ranking system is absolutely unacceptable.

Write Amazon, defend your right to read what you want.
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For those who have (or haven't) been following the Amazon Fail about their blatant censorship not only of "erotic" titles but all LGBT ones, I am chiming in to add that all three of my in print LGBT non-fiction titles are among those stripped of their rankings.


More information: Who moved my rank? Sales rank purged from Amazon

For those who don't understand why this matters. This will drastically hurt sales of the books that are marked this way. It means they will not come up in some of the searches, etc. Many sales on Amazon are from people buying books "like" the other ones they ordered. For more information see: Why do Amazon Ranks matter.
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I have a video editing program, Studio Plus (v 10.8). I have been trying to figure out how to copy home movies into digital format so we don't loose them. Turns out the program doesn't work with just sound and S cable. It needs a video capture device to turn analog to digital. I don't know which device to use. Here are four on Amazon. Can anyone give me advice on this? (Or any other advice on this process?)

From least to most expensive:

EasyCap USB 2.0 Video Capture Adapter with Video Editor Software

Diamond VC500 One Touch Video Capture Device

Dazzle DVD Recorder

Belkin F5U228 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 DVD Creator

Alternate suggestions welcome too on both hardware and software.
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My family are all geeks and we will watch almost anything science fiction or fantasy. We love the "new" Battlestar Galactica series. So imagine my delight at this comic:

Spoilers for the last episdoe. Click here for sexy funny.
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There are a number of programs that can help you maintain multiple journals with mostly the same content. (Please, let me know if you do.) I thought I would post info here for folks who want to know.

Backing up your journals:

LJarchive: The most complete way I know of to back up both Livejournal and Insanejournal accounts, so you have a copy of not only every post but all comments, is with LJarchive. LJarchive is downloadable free but does not have support if you have trouble. There is a an comm [livejournal.com profile] ljarchive, where other users can sometimes help with problems. One of the nice things is that it can back up different journals including insane journal if you go to the "New Archive" option and save each one separately. It can export the journals for WordPress and other formats. Unfortunately, I don't know a way to export from LJ to IJ with this program. For that, I use LJ-Sec.You can download here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ljarchive/

Creating a copy at Insanejournal:

LJ-Sec: This program can also back up copies of multiple journals both at LJ and IJ. It also allows you to copy selected or all posts from one site to another. It does not allow you to copy the comments though. It can be downloaded here: http://www.mp3vcr.com/ljsec/

Posting to Both:

Semagic: This is primarily for posting new material to your journal. You can download the program here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/semagic/ The recent version will even let you post to multiple journals simultaneously such as both LJ and IJ. For information on how to do that, see this post: http://snapetoy.insanejournal.com/133401.html

I have been backing mine up since LJ issues arose back 2007. All of my current accounts are duplicated in both places. I don't think LJ is going away immediately but I don't really trust having everything in one place anyway. I am also planning on creating mirrored WordPress accounts, too. I had started to but ran into trouble with WP. Back to trying to figure that out.


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