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2015-04-26 02:20 am

Ten Top Calls for Submission at ForbiddenFiction

A Taste of Romance - A collection of novellas where the food is as tasty as the sex. This collection focuses on romance and food, with the bonus of a recipe (original) of one of the dishes in each story. (Nearly complete. Need only 1-2 more courses.)

Swords and Sandals - Erotic tales of the ancient Mediterranean world. Tales from Rome, Greece, Egypt, and more. We'd love to see decadent stories  from behind the pages of history - Gladiators, slaves, Senators, warriors, Centurions, brothels, orgies - inspired by the stories of these ancient cultures. (Nearly complete. Maybe one more story?)

Out of Habit - Erotic tales of clergy - priests, priestesses, nuns, ministers, imams, rabbis, monks and acolytes. (Nearly complete. Maybe one more story?)

Of Passion and Steam - Erotic stories of Victorian and/or steampunk. Sex toys of brass, gears and steam? Victorian historical, science fiction or magic - all turned toward heating things up. (Half-way there!)

Breaking Gender – Erotic stories featuring transgender and/or gender non-conforming characters who take names and kick ass. Shapeshifters welcome! How about a steampunk, transwoman dom with an eyepatch? Or even the classic trope of a cabin boy who is a girl in disguise. As is always true at FF, we need strong plots and believable characters, not just sex scenes. (Half-way there!)

Southern Queer - Erotic stories of being queer (GLBT) in the American deep south.

Bring Out Your Dead - Erotic stories of the dead, the undead, and the living who have to deal with them. Graphic horror meets graphic erotica in stories you can sink your teeth into. (Half-way there!)

Into the Wicked Woods - Erotic fairy tales where Ever After isn't always so Happy, and everyone gets what's coming to them.

Scales and Claws - Dragons: awesome, terrifying creatures of magic, fire and passion. Erotic stories featuring dragons who lust for more than hoards of gold.

Winter's Darkest Desires - Erotic stories from the dark side of the holidays. Winter brings longer nights and holiday cheer is not always enough. Dark passions? Naughty Santa? Drunken holiday party mistakes?

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2013-09-25 05:45 pm

Want an exciting and fun learning experience? Internships available at FFP!

INTERNSHIPS available with ForbiddenFiction (Fantastic Fiction Publishing) - Looking for Fall & Winter Interns. Come learn with us! http://forbiddenfiction.com/Internships
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2013-09-02 08:48 pm
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Dany's Axioms (or how to be happier)

This is my on-going list of (currently 15) Axioms – things that when I believe them, or at least act like I believe them, I am happier and so are those around me. These things contribute to the well-being of myself and those I love.

  1. Energy undirected will find form. – If you raise energy without directing it, it may find outlets you are not comfortable with. Buried emotions can come up when you least expect it. Energy is as real as matter, find ways to channel it safely.

  2. Make conscious the unconscious. – If you make conscious the unconscious motivations, results and ideals of yourself or others’, you make informed choice possible.

  3. Kindness and respect are everyone’s due, even you. – No matter what they or you have done, it is never a bad idea to treat someone with kindness and respect.

  4. Everyone is doing the best they know how to do given the resources they currently have. – That doesn’t mean that you approve of what they are doing. But they may not have had the knowledge, experience, stability or physical ability to have done it differently. Offering help in such areas will result in better results than punishment. Of course, if they do not want to do it differently, protecting yourself is also an option.

  5. Never assume malice. – Most of the time, people act without the understanding of why they do what they do, let alone the consequences of their behavior. That does not mean you must accept the behavior. But it is usually not helpful to assume malice.

  6. It probably isn't about you. – We often react to other people as a child who thinks the world revolves around them. Most of the time, when other people are angry or afraid, it is not about us but about their own history.

  7. You are responsible for your own actions or inactions. – We may not always be in control of our emotions, but we are responsible for our behavior. We are not responsible for the behavior of others. Even parents can only guide their children.

  8. Everything and everyone changes. – You can't go back. Places change, people change. For example, if you knew someone ten years ago, you must learn them anew. Survival is about adapting to changing situations.

  9. Breathe deep and slow, and the pain will go. – Taking time to breathe, relax and think can help in most areas of life. Breathing deep and relaxing will lessen physical pain by getting additional oxygen into the blood stream. It also helps you get in touch with your body, emotions, and make better decisions.

  10. When in doubt, talk it out. – Check with the person you are upset with. Share with, ask questions and really listen to them. Maybe you don’t have all the facts. Maybe it is a misunderstanding. You won’t know until you talk. If you can’t or are too upset to talk to them yet, talk with someone who can help you get a reality check on what you are thinking.

  11. Create detours, not road blocks. – If someone is doing or saying something you do not like or are unhappy with the way they are doing it, suggest an alternative. They may not know another way. By focusing on what you want instead of what you do not want, you may both get what you need.

  12. The only way out, is through. – No matter what happened, you have to move forward. You can't avoid the consequences, we have to work through them. You can turn, make a new path, but you can't retrace your steps backward. Learn from the past, but move toward the future.

  13. Put your own mask on first. – Airlines always caution people in an emergency to put their own oxygen mask on first before helping others. The urge to help others is good but if you don't take care of yourself, you will be of no help to anyone else.

  14. Birds have wings, cats have claws and humans have culture. – We are an interdependent species. We evolved to function as part of social groups. It is our greatest sources of stress and our key to success. Never underestimate the need to be part of a human community. Children are not the only ones who need the village to be healthy. The trick is to balance individual needs with that of other people.

  15. Balance in all things. – Happiness is not in excess but in the balance of all things in one’s life. To be whole is to allow for complexity and to find a way to give space for competing elements – needs/desires/feelings/ideas.

Copyright D. Atkins 2005. Last revised 9/2/2013
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2012-11-24 01:06 am

Triple Celtic Music Concert - * Shay Black * Amelia Hogan * Sharon Knight *

Triple Celtic Music Concert & Birthday Party for Lon

* Shay Black * Amelia Hogan * Sharon Knight *

Join us for a house party with a benefit concert by Shay Black, Amelia Hogan & Sharon Knight.
Saturday, December 8, 2012

Doors open at 6 PM. Concert should be 7-10 PM. Location, the Rabbit Warren in Hayward, CA. (Email for address and/or directions.) Attendance is limited, so RSVPs are suggested. (Send RSVPs or questions to: purplerabbit13 at gmail dot com.)

Suggested donation $20 per person. Proceeds to benefit the Rabbit Warren (Lon, Dany & Rowan).

Some refreshments will be provided. Particularly cake and ice cream in honor of Lon's birthday. Guests are encouraged to bring other snacks and drinks to share.

About the performers:

Shay Black is a singer and instrumentalist based in Berkeley, California. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, he sings with his brothers Michael and Martin, as part of the Black Brothers Band, and also occasionally with sisters, Frances and Mary Black. He is a frequent performer at The Freight and Salvage Coffee House and his most regular gig is running the Irish music session at The Starry Plough on Sunday evenings in Berkeley. As a song teacher, he has a weekly class at The Freight and Salvage with his hugely popular series “Expand Your Repertoire”. Shay was a featured singer at Reclaiming’s Spiral Dance Samhain Ritual in 2003, has been a long-term supporter of Pagan Alliance and has been MC at the Annual Pagan Parade events for the past seven years. He has a background in public health, works on the management team of a family support agency in Oakland and supports social justice causes both locally and internationally. As a musician and performer Shay has continued to establish a close rapport with his audiences at many events and he constantly manages to import that unique Irish humor and craic into his performances. For more info see: http://www.black-brothers.com/library/shay.htm

Amelia Hogan, singer of Irish and American music. Hobbit, bard, mischief-maker of the highest order, and lover of bread, cheese, and wine. For more information see: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ameliaisaverb/184029821614381

Sharon Knight is a nationally touring musician in the Mythic-Celtic vein. She calls her quirky style "Neofolk Romantic" - Celtic-inspired songs for poets, adventurers, and lovers of mystery. She dedicates her music to hopeless romantics everywhere - bellydancers with daggers, pirates in eyeliner, eccentric old ladies, brave explorers, epic love, Fairy tales and fetish boots, circus acts and re-imagined history. Through song, she aspires to kindle your poetic soul! For more information see: http://www.sharonknight.net/
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2012-01-19 07:15 pm

Why SOPA is dangerous, an explanation of the bill

Originally posted by [personal profile] nyxmidnight at Why SOPA is dangerous, an explanation of the bill
Why SOPA is dangerous
To Sum Up
  • Gives the government the right to unilaterally censor foreign websites.
  • Gives copyright holders the right to issue economic takedowns and bring lawsuits against website owners and operators, if those websites have features that make it possible to post infringing content. [A comment feature is enough.]
  • Makes it a felony offense to post a copyrighted song or video.

This bill turns us all into criminals. If it passes, then you either stop using the Internet, or you simply hope that you never end up in the crosshairs, because if you’re targeted, you will be destroyed by this bill. You don’t have to be a big, mean, nasty criminal — common Internet usage is effectively criminalized under this law. This bill will kill American innovation and development of the Internet, as it will become too risky to do anything of value. It is toxic and dangerous, and should not, under any circumstances, be supported.

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2011-11-15 12:43 am
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Last chance for perks at ForbbiddenFiction.com

Today is the last day of our Indiegogo fund raising campaign and your last chance to sign up for such perks as a autographed books, custom made floggers, year long paid memberships and more. Check it out and see our video:

Come check out the:
ForbiddenFiction.com Launch Campaign

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2011-11-02 11:54 am
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Mama said it would get better.

Mama said it would get better.

I nearly killed myself a month before my fifteenth birthday. It seemed to me at the time, that the pain was beyond my ability to cope. Sixteen months before, my dad had been the victim of a hit and run accident, left half dead and brain damaged. He was institutionalized in a semi-vegetative state. He didn't know my name.

Dad's loss had plunged my mother and I both into depression, forced Mom back into the job market and left me in charge of the household and my three younger sisters. I'd had a secret first love, a girlfriend, who dropped me during this awful time. Then I got Hepatitis A, nearly died and spent months sick and lonely. I had to do double time to catch up on school work from missing nine weeks. All this while, I was enduring the constant torture of bullying as a geek in junior high school. It was unending taunting and even violence.

Is it any wonder I cracked. I remember it so clearly that my skin can still feel it. I was taking a bath, during one of those rare times when I was home alone. I sat in the bath, thinking about the horror that my life had become and unable to imagine how to get through it, to imagine anything other than things getting worse and worse. I remember still the feel of the blade I took out of my mother's shaving razor. I remember sitting in the water growing cold and staring at it. I know I didn't really want to die. I didn't think I had a real option. I couldn't take any more.

I froze, in a sort of fugue state, blade held between my fingers trying to will myself to either use it or put it down. My mother found me like this. She asked what I was doing. I remember answering in that distant, flat voice that I thought it would be better if I was dead.

I remember her gently taking that blade from between my finger tips, opening the drain and reaching for a towel. "No," she said. "Do you know how much I need you? How much I love you?"

She wrapped me in the towel and urged me out of the tub, leading me down the short hall to her bedroom, where she bundled me up, holding me and she kept talking. "I can't lose you. I know it's been hard, so very hard. It won't always be this way. Someday you will find people who are like you and can appreciate you. In the mean time, we have each other. I love you." Over and over she rocked me and told me how much I meant to her. Promised me we would find a way to get through it. Promised me I wasn't alone. Promised me it would get better.

And it did. She worked hard to make sure it did. We both did.


Right now, I wake up each day with such a heavy weight in my chest that breathing hurts. I feel that same sense of disconnect, like the world is spinning around me and I just can't follow it. I remember after dad's accident, watching children playing outside and unable to understand how the world could just keep going on when my life had turned upside down.

Dad's body finally died only weeks before my twenty-fourth birthday. I had been in an awful place that winter, living alone in a basement studio apartment and working temp jobs to keep myself fed. The death of Dad's body so long after the death of his mind, had been like a freeing of the grief that had held us in such pain for eleven years. Yes, we had learned to go on without him, to live with the ache and unresolved loss. That final release though, it was like a miracle. Things raced forward and miracles happened. I went back to college, met Troy and Mom moved to Santa Cruz. We found a place for ourselves.

One night there, I woke up from a horrible dream. It shook me so badly that I went next door to my mother's place and got into bed with her. She held me while I told her that I'd dreamed she died. It had become my greatest fear and it haunted me, knowing that someday it would happen. She rocked me and told me I would have to face it, she couldn't help that because she did not want me to die before her. It was the way of things, she said. It's a great wrong when the child dies before the parent. She said that she had once heard that you were never completely grown up until both your parents had died. Hers were still alive then, so she smiled and told me that made me more grown up than her.

My mom's life was never easy. There was at least one real scare per decade of her life where she was hospitalized and I had to face the possibility of losing her. She fought hard to live, to see her children grown and even to be there for her grandchildren. In the last nine years, she was in and out of hospitals and complained about seeing more doctors than friends. Last year, she was diagnosed with COPD – her heart was failing. She'd already had one heart surgery and would not survive another. Even then, I begged for more time. I couldn't let her go yet.

Last month, when the call came that she was in the hospital and this time there was nothing they could do, I knew it was time. She wanted to invoke her right to die, but she wanted me there with her. It had always promised that when there was nothing that could be done, no quality of life, I would be there to let her go. Now was time to honor the promise. She saw me and smiled. She said, "Please let me go." All four of her daughters told her, in tears as they said it, that they understood and that she could go now.

I sat beside her for the next thirty hours, helping her through the process of dying – singing songs of spirit and comfort to help her let go. In the night, while she lay there laboring to breath and struggling to find release, I talked. I told her how much I loved her, recounted what an amazing person she had been and encouraged her to find that next adventure. I asked her forgiveness for the times I let her down and thanked her for all that she had done for me. In the still dark night, she breathed her final breath and stopped. I felt the warmth of her again as she passed.


Mom's love for me, and for my sisters, was unconditional. It didn't mean she always approved of what we did. It meant she loved us even when we messed up. And when we did well, she was always there to cheer us on, to tell us how much our success meant to her. And when were down, she was always there to tell us it will get better.

So every morning I wake and remember that she is dead, the weight of it so much I have to remember to breathe, to find a way to get up and face the day – I remind myself it will get better. It won't go away. Even my grief for Dad's lose has never gone away, surging up with Mom even now. I just know that there will be good times again. I have husbands who love and care for me. I have a son, who is for me, like her daughters were for her, like sunlight that warms my heart.

It only gets better if we let it. If we work through the dark painful times to get to the other side. The only way out is through.
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2011-10-26 11:22 am

With each breath I take...

"Well, I'm gonna get out of bed every morning... breathe in and out all day long. Then, after a while I won't have to remind myself to get out of bed every morning and breathe in and out..." (From Sleepless in Seattle.)

My mother, Mary E. Atkins, an amazing feminist and social justice activist for nearly half a century, died Saturday. There are no words to describe the void left.

I sat beside her bed, holding her hand and singing to her for the last two days of her life. To say that my mother and I were close would be an extreme understatement. My dad died when I was 13. That left mom with four children to raise and I am the eldest. Mom and I took care of each other and my sisters. Mom was my friend, my ally, my teacher, my mentor and so much more.

One of my mother's favorite songs about our relationship was, "You and Me Agaisnt the World" by Helen Reddy:

You and me against the world
Sometimes it seems like you and me against the world
When all the others turn their backs and walk away
You can count on my to stay

And when one of us is gone
And one of us is left to carry on
Then remembering will have to do
Our memories alone will get us through
Think about the days of me and you
You and me against the world
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2011-06-01 06:55 pm

Next Generation Geeks

I designed these shirts for my son and his friends, who are all proud childen of geek parents. I thought I would share in case folks here wanted one:

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2011-05-23 05:10 pm

INVITE: Games Night at RW - Friday, June 3, 7-11 PM

You are invited to come play with us. We have lots and lots of board and card games, but you are welcome to bring a favorite if you like. (Kids welcome too.)

Friday, June 3 • 7:00pm - 11:00pm

(Email if you need the address.)

Please bring food, drink, and/or snacks to share with others.

The household rules and house social etiquette is on our webpage at: www.therabbitwarren.org

Let us know if you will be joining us.
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2011-01-24 01:15 am
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Calling for back-up on San Diego!

I have a friend, who is an important part of my live both in fandom and in the real world, who needs help. She is in San Diego and in a having real trouble. I need to find help. I may be able to fly down there to help, but I will need contacts and resources. Anyone down that area who could help? Send me email, please at dany@therabbitwarren.org

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2010-10-13 02:49 pm
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Anything can happen - It can get better!

October 12, 1998

Listen to the mustn'ts, child.
Listen to the don'ts.
Listen to the shouldn'ts,
The impossibles, the won'ts.
Listen to the never haves,
Then listen close to me ...
Anything can happen, child.
Anything can be.

~ Shel Silverstein

Twelve years ago, Matthew Shepard was murdered for being homosexual.

What will you do to end the silence?

Click here to post this on your own page or weblog

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2010-09-23 12:05 am
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Bisexual Pride Day!

Today, September 23, is Bisexual Pride Day. In honor of that, I thank everyone who has supported me and others who have claimed our desires. I am bisexual, always have been. I remember crushes on both girls and boys when I was as young as eight. I have been blessed with both male and female lovers through-out my life. May we all - of all orientations and genders - follow our bliss and celebrate the diversity of love.
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2010-08-10 12:26 pm
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Looking for artists and photographers!

I am working on development for a new original erotic fiction site: Forbbiden Fiction

It will feature the work of a variety of authors, myself included. We are looking for erotic photography and art for the site. If you know of any photographers and/or artists who would like to see their work promoted and are willing to contribute their work to the site in exchange for that, please send them our way.

Have them send samples of their work and/or links to their webpages to: forbiddenfictionpub@gmail.com
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2010-08-10 12:11 am
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Art for You, Home for Us!

These are samples of work by artist MirAngel, who has volutneered to donate the money for painting or drawing commissions toward the fundraiser for buying our house.

See her profile on DeviantArt: http://mirangel.deviantart.com/

Down the page is information about commissions. Click on her Gallery to see the range of art she can do.

She does both original and fan art. Just talk to her about what you want and let her know that it's to benefit "The Rabbits" as my family is nicknamed.

Meanthile, thanks to everyone who has ordered books and sent donations. We're working hard to pull this together. It would be wonderful to not be uprooted again and finally have our own place.
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2010-08-05 03:34 pm

House Update! Move or buy it!

OMG! We might be able to buy our house! But we need to come up with closing costs. We have to buy our house or move. The irony is that moving will cost us just a much and we don't have enough for either. With moving we would have a couple more months to save up. To buy it we are going to need it this month. We have about half of the closing costs at the moment.

Want to help out? Buy our mead? Buy books from our Amazon store? Other ideas?

For those interesting in buying books from us, here is our site. (We also accept donations of books, CDs, DVDs, games, etc.): RABBIT RESALE

For information about our mead see: RABBIT WARREN MEAd

Buy an autographed copy of FAEWOLF? Email me for information or get it HERE through Amazon.

Donations at Paypal:

Does anyone have any other fundraising ideas?
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2010-07-14 11:40 am

Fandom Memoir

I would like to talk to you about your memories if you knew me between the years 1974-1988, especially if you were part of fandom at that time. I am writing a combination history/biography of that time period.

Also, if you have documents -- letters, photos, newsletters, etc -- from then, I would love to get copies.