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Real magic is usually a subtle thing – a shift in possibilities. You can usually miss it unless it's something you want to see. Until it's not subtle. Until something wonderfully miraculous happens and leaves you stunned with impossible beauty of the universe.

Two weeks ago, my beautiful black cat, Jessie died. Jessie himself felt like a miracle every day I knew him. My cat, Oberon, had died seven months before and I had just begun to think it was time to consider getting another cat. It somehow feels "wrong" for me, someone who adores cats so much, to be cat-less. My writing and my love of cats both feel like integral parts of who I am. We were doing an errand when we saw the "kittens" for adoption at the local pet supply store and I suddenly got that "lucky feeling" my family calls my "dowsing magic." None of the small kittens, as adorable as they were, felt right. Then I met Jessie and he charmed me immediately.

Jessie and I bonded so closely that even other people insisted he was my "familiar" not just a pet. And his loss was devastating. I have been unable to sleep through the night without him. Unable to shake the constant feeling that he is just out of reach and catching his image in the corner of my eye. I have been terribly lonely without him. I knew I would get a new cat to share my life eventually, but looking so soon felt disrespectful.

Jessie was my magic kitty. If I wrote him up in a story, no one would believe it. The beautiful black cat with golden eyes and a magic belly spot. How many cats have heart-shaped white belly spots to match a loving nature? He was almost too cute to be real.

Saturday, my partners were out doing errands. They hadn't planned on going to the pet store but need brush for the dog so they stopped. And there was the same cat adoption folks. Suddenly, they had "that feeling" and needed to look.

To their surprise, they saw a black male cat the same size Jessie was when we adopted him. More amazing still – he had the same gold-green eyes as Jessie. The impossible part? He also has a white heart-shaped belly spot! This cat looks like Jessie's brother. His face is a little thinner and his fur a little more brown, but in all other respects they look near identical. They called me on the cell and insisted I come to meet this cat.

I was nervous. What if I got my hopes up? What if the cat didn't like me? I sat down on the floor and he climbed right into my lap and began to purr. I rubbed his belly and he grew ecstatic. The cat rescuer told us then that he had a thing about having his belly spot rubbed. Just like my Jessie. This cat wasn't letting me go and I didn't want to go home without him.

To our amazed luck, he was already fixed and had all his shots, so the fees were not as high as it had been when we got Jessie. Our finances are frightenly limited right now, but my partners didn't hesitate. They knew we had to bring him home.

I named him Jamie. I feel that somehow Jessie wanted me to find him. I know that Jessie wouldn't want me to be alone. He took good care of me. He would be happy to know that I had adopted this kitty. Sometimes magic happens.

Meet Jamie:

JamieJamie's Belly


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