Nov. 24th, 2012

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Triple Celtic Music Concert & Birthday Party for Lon

* Shay Black * Amelia Hogan * Sharon Knight *

Join us for a house party with a benefit concert by Shay Black, Amelia Hogan & Sharon Knight.
Saturday, December 8, 2012

Doors open at 6 PM. Concert should be 7-10 PM. Location, the Rabbit Warren in Hayward, CA. (Email for address and/or directions.) Attendance is limited, so RSVPs are suggested. (Send RSVPs or questions to: purplerabbit13 at gmail dot com.)

Suggested donation $20 per person. Proceeds to benefit the Rabbit Warren (Lon, Dany & Rowan).

Some refreshments will be provided. Particularly cake and ice cream in honor of Lon's birthday. Guests are encouraged to bring other snacks and drinks to share.

About the performers:

Shay Black is a singer and instrumentalist based in Berkeley, California. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, he sings with his brothers Michael and Martin, as part of the Black Brothers Band, and also occasionally with sisters, Frances and Mary Black. He is a frequent performer at The Freight and Salvage Coffee House and his most regular gig is running the Irish music session at The Starry Plough on Sunday evenings in Berkeley. As a song teacher, he has a weekly class at The Freight and Salvage with his hugely popular series “Expand Your Repertoire”. Shay was a featured singer at Reclaiming’s Spiral Dance Samhain Ritual in 2003, has been a long-term supporter of Pagan Alliance and has been MC at the Annual Pagan Parade events for the past seven years. He has a background in public health, works on the management team of a family support agency in Oakland and supports social justice causes both locally and internationally. As a musician and performer Shay has continued to establish a close rapport with his audiences at many events and he constantly manages to import that unique Irish humor and craic into his performances. For more info see:

Amelia Hogan, singer of Irish and American music. Hobbit, bard, mischief-maker of the highest order, and lover of bread, cheese, and wine. For more information see:

Sharon Knight is a nationally touring musician in the Mythic-Celtic vein. She calls her quirky style "Neofolk Romantic" - Celtic-inspired songs for poets, adventurers, and lovers of mystery. She dedicates her music to hopeless romantics everywhere - bellydancers with daggers, pirates in eyeliner, eccentric old ladies, brave explorers, epic love, Fairy tales and fetish boots, circus acts and re-imagined history. Through song, she aspires to kindle your poetic soul! For more information see:


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